In Memory of Mark E. Wood and Matthew Van Eaton

Founded in 2015 on the spirit of two avid outdoorsmen, Camp Firewalker is a group of adult mentors who, in partnership with community-based non-profit organizations, generate outdoor adventures as a means to make a positive difference in the lives of kids living in poverty.

Our Mission

To create the adventures and experiences that fuel positive relationships, and build character to help lift young lives out of inner-city poverty.


In conjunction with Behind Every Door, a Dallas-based non-profit aiming to "transform lives in underserved neighborhoods" and to "cultivate dignity, optimism, inspiration and hope," Camp Firewalker opens outdoors adventure to the youth of underserved communities around Dallas, Texas.

We provide opportunities for Camp Firewalker participants to try and experience new outdoor activities, and we use these adventures to teach teamwork, confidence, and self-reliance.


Friends and family of Mark E. Wood and Matthew Van Eaton, whose legacies live on through Camp Firewalker, formed the original community of Camp Firewalker mentor/volunteers and supporters. Since 2015 the Camp community has grown to include life-changers like you. To get involved, visit our "Join Us!" page

Camp Firewalker is amazing. Our boys ask weekly about the next camping trip. Firewalker provides an opportunity these boys would otherwise not have, and it does so in an amazing way: affirming the best in each kid in the context of adventure. The boys are free to run, jump, and play - to be themselves! - and to have that affirmed and connected to what it means to be a man.
— Will Dowell, Executive Director, Behind Every Door